Welcome to SuroboyoSim

SuroboyoSim started out in 2016 as a developer of the addons sceneries of Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d. We build our scenery using 3D software design and improving realistic building and textures. In addition, we continue to develop products for the home consumer market and company.

Our History

Our Journey Started

Our first name is SUBAVIATION that under simulator department in our community and the first scenery released and published that we've started to develop Scenery for Flight Simulator. The first scenery is Iswahyudi X.

Brand Changed

Then, we tried to changed the name from SUBAVIATION SIMULATION to SUROBOYO SIMULATION.

Keep Developing

We'll keep developing and write our history!


We tried to collaboration build our scenery Adisucipto Airport with Antjol Aviation. Now this scenery is available in our Products list.

Support Team

We tried to support event in Cibubur for simulation section, and before event launched, We released Cibubur Airfield (WIHC). Now this scenery is available in our Product list.

Our Products

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